Prof. Marco Quarta, Stanford University

Center for Tissue Regeneration, Restoration and Repair
Veteran Affairs Palo Alto Hospital – VAPAHCS
July 24, 2016

To whom it may concern
I have personally known Mr. Daniele Trevisani and found that his research
interest in communication encompass a variety of fields, in a holistic

His research interest are based on a solid scientific attempt to
build frameworks for several fields of innovation, and range from
Conversation Analysis to issues of Human Potential and Human Factor, up to
Scientific Communication and fields you will see in his list of publications
available in several public domain websites.

I personally discussed with him on some common interests, such as Team
Communications, Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Holistic
approaches to Human Potential. His 10+ books on Psychology of Marketing
Communications, Human Potential, Leadership, and several other fields,
have been accomplished with one of the leading Italian Publisher (Franco
Angeli) that holds a reputation as a top rated professional publisher in the
Italian market, and the volume and quality of his writing clearly show a
strong research ability in his areas.

I think that his professional Curriculum Vitae and lecturing experiences in
several Business Schools and with very critical clients such as NATO and
UN can be of interest for any institution seeking a Senior Lecturer and a
motivated researcher with practical field experience.

Best regards
Marco Quarta

Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences
Stanford University Medical Center, Room A-343
Stanford, CA 94305-5235

Per sapere chi è Marco Quarta, questo articolo di Repubblica ci offre uno spaccato di uno dei nostri migliori Geni o Menti all’estero


…e questo l’articolo scritto a firma  Marco Quarta e Daniele Trevisani sulla nostra passione comune, il Potenziale Umano sviluppabile attraverso le Arti Marziali

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