Captain Giambattista Mancini, Carnival Corporation Group


To whom it may concern,
This is to state that I have personally followed specific coaching processes conducted by Dr. Daniele Trevisani acting as consultant of Costa Cruise (Carnival Corporation Group). The coaching processes were conducted both as Vice-Captain (K2) and as Captain in a very special moment, in the process of acquiring my fully fledged Captain role (K1) on board of Costa Deliziosa Transatlantic Cruise Ship, on the route Savona Madeira Funchal.
The training and coaching sessions dealt with Intercultural Crew Management,  intercultural Leadership, Effective Communication in managing crisis as well as routine events, with also the use of special Mental Training Techniques aimed at the management of increased perception skills and increased awareness and empowerment in managing environmental challenges, organizational challenges, and team communications. This is just to mention a few of the topics.
I think that Dr. Daniele Trevisani showed deep knowledge of the theoretical background he was assigned to deal (being himself also a well known writer on the topics we addressed), but also, and especially, the ability to understand and adapt to a special work setting, adapting himself to a very intercultural, fast-paced and challenging environment such as that of International Cruise Ships, building respectful relations with all the key players, gaining the appreciation of the Major Command of the Ship, and becoming very soon “one of the team”, being considered a honest and deeply human resource for any who had the pleasure to work with him.
To give an example of Dr. Daniele Trevisani’s adaptability, I can briefly highlight that in both trips we were invited by him to go to the gym in late evening, after a long day of work, together with other Senior Staff members and whoever wished to join us from different nationalities, and train on several Martial Arts together, building this way an extra sense of Team Building that I consider a very important factor for a good Crew Management set of skills. Available for any information, I remain
Yours sincerely,
Capt. Giambattista Mancini

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