Semiotics as a new Science of Deeper Performances. A new book explores why and how.

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Semiotics is both the newest and the most ancient Science of Performance.

The book visible at represents a view of Leadership based on an ancient Latin and Greek tradition, Semiotics, that is completely unknown to most of the managerial world.

The Semiotic view on #Leadership is based on the Power of Example, standing among the crowd and not in the higher floors of Corporations, eating the same food as your last employee, trying to bring a strong contribution and forgetting short-term economics.

The Semiotic approach has a strong attention to Signs (including behavioral patterns of Leaders and actions that communicate a value and a worldview), a perspective that is absolutely opposed to what we see in Multinational Companies worldwide.

The Semiotic approach is opposed to “easy” Leadership approaches that history proved to be catastrophic. “Easy” and “fast” in Leadership, are always fake promises. Cases like #Enron, #Volkswagen, #Lufthansa, Fukushima, the predatory sick attitudes of Leaders in Finance that generated the #subprime word financial crisis and so many other disasters are due to to “Toxic Leadership becoming real-and only leadership”, Value-Empty Leaders, NPL tricks brought to the level of business religions, Business Gurus becoming “prophets with a microphone”, crazy outdoor parades sold as Leadership Training, “5 Minutes Management Solutions” (you know very well they are useless, don’t’ you?), and other “fast & easy” approaches, that are the exact contrary of a Semiotic deep-meaning based approach.

The Semiotic approach looks for Semantic Maps (equivalent to neural maps, but applied to the level of deep meaning) and searches deeper significance, how to make real #values become solid leadership behaviors rather than standing only on useless Corporate Advertising and paper that nobody really reads.

A way to look at Leadership in a different perspective

Rooted in ancient Greek and Latin Philosophy, employed to uncover the secrets of the Pyramids or for cracking secret codes, it is also the most ancient Science of Deep Meanings.

It can be used to enhance Power, seen as the capacity of reaching a goal or get something done, by means of psychological operations and communicational strategies. When we join these concepts, we obtain an extremely focused tool for targeting leader’s behaviors towards a deeper Value-Based Leadership, self-aligning Crew Behaviors and People rather than forcing them, and obtain a new and much needed and meaningful Discipline of Leadership based on strong values and consequent behavioral decisions.

Semiotics is also about Human Energies, which are most of the times activated at their peak only when looking beyond the surface al looking for deep meanings. Reaching a goal, heading towards a vision or fulfilling a task requires energy. One of the highest skills of leaders is that of activating people’s power and energies towards a goal by means of Signs. To activate means to put those energies into a flow, a flow that can build or destroy almost anything.

Semiotics for Leaders helps in increasing Personal Power in a powerful and ancient tradition of Wisdom and Meanings

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Author: Dr. Daniele Trevisani, European Fulbright Scholar in Communication and Human Factor, Senior Analyst, Special Forces Trainer, Coach and Counselor at

Critical Skills for Talent Management

 What do Organizations require from a Talent Management Specialist?

A selected list of skills and attitudes

  • Leadership. Effectively communicates and guides teams to complete programs and tasks and implement strategies. Embraces and drives the development of corporate professionals. Influences team to achieve defined objectives and strategies
  • Continuity. Continuously leads in progressive Talent Acquisition and Training strategies; combines traditional Talent Acquisition and Training techniques (applications, cold calls, classroom and internal promotions) with innovative strategies (social media, e-job fairs, College Forums, Closure/Merger onsite meetings, Employee Referral Programs, etc).
  • Measurement. Tracks and monitors all metrics associated with Talent Acquisition and Training develops a scorecard for weekly review with business partners and the team.
  • Executive Presence. Establishes credibility, informs and influences executive leaders
  • Training. Create training delivery standards of functional curriculum (IT, Marketing, CSA …) and build systems to ensure that property delivery mechanism meets or exceeds standards.
  • Benchmarking. Leads research initiatives to bench mark best-in-class training structures, programs and systems and introduces new practices in a systematic approach.
  • Initiative. Creates and seizes opportunities to win, even when faced with ambiguity. True passion for results.
  • Environmental Radar. Understands how to get things done and when to involve others
  • Range of Influence. Builds and leverages networks across various levels and functions
  • Internal Consulting. Analyzes needs and provides options, recommendations, and council
  • Effectiveness. Effectively manages work to meet timelines and goals
  • Problem finding. Sees around the corners. Anticipates the unexpected
  • Analytical Prowess.  Gets to the root of issues
  • Creativity. Generate new perspectives
  • Business Intelligence. Stays current. Understands how what happens in the world affects us, our marketplace and our competition
  • Entertain your Best. Demonstrates integrity, authenticity, and candor. Embraces inclusion and employee engagement
  • Outside In. Systematically seeks information on wants and needs of employees
  • Problem Resolution. Decisive and timely. Adapts with changes
  • Ability to attract. The Director of US Talent Acquisition (TA) will be responsible for developing a cohesive staffing strategy to attract and hire the best talent for Lam, ensuring consistency with the hiring and assessment processes, in line with the coherent global processes being developed, and in compliance with local laws and requirements.
  • Holistic Approach. S/he will develop holistic solutions, quantitative and qualitative, including defined goals, processes, metrics, communication plans and delivery methodology with defined hand-offs. Must be able to routinely exercise independent judgment in developing ways to achieve objectives.

Attitudes. What Talent Management requires

  • a smart, on-your-feet thinker with impeccable follow-through
  • like to create tailored solutions to everyday problems, and handle unique ones with aplomb
  • flexible, dynamic and can change in time with business
  • nimble at capturing, engaging and advancing the “secret sauce” of a company culture
  • can create learning experiences that have never existed before, and engage a diverse organization
  • love challenges and never assume you know it all
  • thrive on developing the big picture strategy and seeing it through to reality
  • balance an inexhaustible curiosity with experienced business acumen
  • read like a fiend and stay up to date on all sorts of cool leadership and management ideas
  • lead by example, relates to all walks of life, a person everyone can trust, and takes pride in setting the tone to create an awesome corporate culture environment

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